Customized Wallpaper

Metolius invites you to make our wallpaper your own! Explore custom color combinations in our favorite patterns to create handmade wallpaper that’s uniquely you.

Designed to be made yours

Metolius has intentionally created patterns that are airy, open, and versatile so that they can change personalities with color. Explore our ideas gallery below.

Designed to be made yours

We are absolutely crazy about color and love how much color can change and define the mood of a space. By changing the color of a pattern, a room can feel calm, sophisticated, casual, clean, modern, classic, fun, feminine, masculine or entirely your own depending on how you play with the color combination.

We spend hours and hours playing with color combinations to shift moods and have created Metolius’ color customizer so that you can create your own amazing prints that are perfect for your own space.