Is Metolius wallpaper eco-friendly?

Metolius’ approach starts with you, your home and the earth in mind. We strive to make our products in as eco-friendly a way as possible.

The paper itself is PVC-free, FSC-certified, and GREENGUARD-certified. It comes pre-pasted so that all you have to use to install it is water. The water-based printing ink we use meets the world’s most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions into indoor air, so you don’t have to worry about introducing harmful chemicals into your space.

Our USA-based printing partner does their very best to make their entire facility eco-friendly, recycling any and everything that they can to leave a light footprint.

How It's Made

How is Metolius wallpaper made?

We print Metolius wallpaper in the USA, partnering with a wallpaper printer who has been printing wallpaper since 1975. As digital technologies have advanced dramatically, we have chosen digital printing as it retains the soft hand-painted lines and color variegation in our hand-painted artwork (screen printing flattens all edges and colors!).

By printing in in the USA, we can offer small batches and allow you the opportunity to custom color our prints. Use our Custom Colorizer.

Ordering & Samples

How much wallpaper do I need?

Measure your walls, making sure you have accurate measurements in inches of height and width of the walls you'll be covering.  Give yourself a little additional overall length to make sure you have extra space to line up the repeats properly so it looks great on your walls. Enter the width and height in inches of your walls into our calculator to order the correct number of rolls.

Product Dimensions

All rolls of Metolius Wallpaper measure 24 inches wide by 30 FEET long, so that you can make sure to have enough length to fit your space. By printing in these super long rolls, there is the least amount of waste in matching up repeating motifs and in giving you the flexibility to cut the wallpaper as you need to! 

Can I order a sample?

We offer 8” x 11” swatches of our off-the-shelf wallpaper. Please note that our samples are cut from rolls of our wallpaper and are intended for you to see the color and scale of the pattern in your space. They will not always include all of the elements of a pattern.

Custom samples are much larger - at 24" x 24", and are printed for you as soon as we receive your order. We feel that since you're custom coloring something specifically for your own space, you'll really want to make sure you love your unique combinations and that it is important to see a large piece of it. For samples of custom color wallpaper, see here.

Product Pricing

Off-the-shelf rolls: $255 (per roll)

Custom rolls: $295 (per roll)

Off-the-shelf samples: $10 each (8" x 11")

Custom samples: $125 each (24" x 24")


The photography of our wallpaper is matched as closely as possible to each design and color. However, colors vary on different screens. Please order a sample in order to see the color of any of our designs in your space.

When ordering your wallpaper, it is very important to order the accurate number of rolls, as colors may vary slightly between printed batches. As we print in small batches, we are unable to guarantee an exact match when you re-order in the future. It is always best to order a little extra.

Does Metolius offer custom orders?

Metolius loves custom orders!

Use our Color Customizer to see your custom color combinations on your screen. Once you have selected your design and chosen your custom color combination(s), we suggest ordering a custom swatch. Custom swatches are 24” wide by 24” tall, so that you can look at them on the wall in your space and make sure everything is just right. Custom swatches cost $125 each.

Custom wallpaper must be ordered in even numbers of rolls (2, 4, 6, 8, etc.) When you are ordering custom wallpaper, please make extra sure to order a little more than you think you’ll need for your project. We cannot promise that we will be able to perfectly match the color in a second batch printed at a later date.

To create a custom colored wallpaper, start here.

Is Metolius wallaper available wholesale?

Metolius wallpaper is available wholesale. Please email hello@metoliushome.com for all inquiries.

Shipping & Returns

How long will it take to receive my Metolius Wallpaper?

Please expect to receive your wallpaper within 3 weeks from order time. We print all of our wallpaper just for you when you order it! Because we’re printing in the USA, we can get it to you quickly. 

Do you offer expedited shipping?

If you are in a hurry to receive your wallpaper quicker than within three weeks, please send us a note! We sometimes are able to print and ship your wallpaper quicker. Email us at hello@metoliushome.com and we’ll let you know what’s possible!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we can ship internationally. Please email hello@metoliushome.com and we will give you a shipping quote based on your order and location.

Do you accept returns?

Unfortunately, our wallpaper is not refundable as we print each roll specifically for you. Please order swatches of any colors and styles that you are considering to make sure it is just right for you.

How to Install Wallpaper

What supplies do I need?

Metolius Wallpaper is pre-pasted, so all you need is a tub or a tray (for soaking the wallpaper), a sponge and some water. Our wallpaper is designed for easy application. Incidentally, it is equally designed for clean removal if and when you want to remove it.

Before You Begin

Make sure the wall surface is clean, dry, structurally sound and free of mildew, grease or other stains. Make sure the wall is free of irregularities in order to achieve the best installation. You'll need to lay the wet pieces of wallpaper on the floor in order to easily install them - so make sure your floor is covered to prevent any drips and drops.

To apply on drywall:

For best results, apply to a wall surface that has been painted with one coat of builder’s primer and/or one coat of latex paint. The wall surface should be clean and smooth.

To apply over paint:

Painted walls should be primed and smooth. If the paint is old and damaged, we recommend re-priming the wall.

To apply to a wall already covered in wallpaper:

Remove any old wallpaper and old adhesive by sanding or using adhesive remover. Apply a coat of primer so that the surface is clean, smooth, and free of old adhesive.

To apply over paneling:

Fill in any grooves to create a smooth surface. Apply a smooth coat of primer.

Installing Metolius Wallpaper

1. Loosely roll the printed wallpaper with the printed side facing IN. Unroll the section you're about to install making sure that the adhesive side is facing out.


2. Completely submerge the rolled wallpaper in water (in a tub or tray) for 10-15 seconds to activate the adhesive. Don't worry if the roll doesn't keep its exact shape.

3. Remove the roll by pulling the leading edge out of the tray slowly, glue-side up. (The leading edge is the edge of the paper from where you’re planning to begin installation such as at the top of the wall)

4. Lay the section of wallpaper on the floor, glue-side up. Then, gently fold the glue side (insert the word vertically) against itself for approximately 1 minute. IMPORTANT: avoid creasing the paper when gently folding it against itself. NOTE: Metolius wallpaper expands slightly in water. For best installation results, soak and gently fold each panel of wallpaper for the same amount of time to achieve consistency.

5. Gently unfold a flap of about 6” – 8” of the top half of the wallpaper.

6. Position the glue-exposed portion of the top of the wallpaper strip in the correct place on the wall. 

7. Once you are satisfied with the positioning of the strip of wallpaper, unfold the wallpaper along the wall, exposing the remaining glue surface.

8. Use a damp sponge, starting from the center, and smoothing downward and outward to attach the wallpaper. 

TIP: Do not over-smooth out small bubbles. The bubbles will dissipate as the wallpaper sets.

Removing Metolius Wallpaper

Metolius wallpaper is easy to remove when you are ready to move on, and also requires only water. Simply take a large sponge and soak it in warm water. Wipe the sponge over the surface of your wallpaper until it is quite damp and easily to peel. Peel it off the wall from the corners. Any residual adhesive can be easily wiped clean with water and your sponge.

Care & Maintenance

How to take care of your Metolius wallpaper

If necessary, clean your Metolius wallpaper with warm water and a cloth. Please do not scrub!