Installing Metolius Wallpaper

1. Loosely roll the printed wallpaper with the printed side facing IN. Unroll the section you're about to install making sure that the adhesive side is facing out.


2. Completely submerge the rolled wallpaper in water (in a tub or tray) for 10-15 seconds to activate the adhesive. Don't worry if the roll doesn't keep its exact shape.

3. Remove the roll by pulling the leading edge out of the tray slowly, glue-side up. (The leading edge is the edge of the paper from where you’re planning to begin installation such as at the top of the wall)

4. Lay the section of wallpaper on the floor, glue-side up. Then, gently fold the glue side (insert the word vertically) against itself for approximately 1 minute. IMPORTANT: avoid creasing the paper when gently folding it against itself. NOTE: Metolius wallpaper expands slightly in water. For best installation results, soak and gently fold each panel of wallpaper for the same amount of time to achieve consistency.

5. Gently unfold a flap of about 6” – 8” of the top half of the wallpaper.

6. Position the glue-exposed portion of the top of the wallpaper strip in the correct place on the wall. 

7. Once you are satisfied with the positioning of the strip of wallpaper, unfold the wallpaper along the wall, exposing the remaining glue surface.

8. Use a damp sponge, starting from the center, and smoothing downward and outward to attach the wallpaper. 

TIP: Do not over-smooth out small bubbles. The bubbles will dissipate as the wallpaper sets.